Ruiz & Valero has a team of staff with extraordinary qualities, and the most efficient system to provide an excellent logistics and haulage service. We are highly competitive and up-to-date with the latest business needs and future evolution.

Our business specialises in logistic and haulage, transporting refrigerated produce from Spain to Austria, Italy, Switzerland and the south of Germany. And in the opposite direction, we return from these countries to Spain, the south of France and Portugal, loaded with industrial products.

We are ready and pleased to help you with any interest, consultation, query or proposal you may have about our services. We are confident we can give you the most suitable answers and the best solution.

The most significant national and international markets are subject to a daily increase in the level of demand for their products and the services that go with them. Requirements for increased quality, security and respect for the environment mean that these companies, to maintain and improve their competitive edge, must continually adapt to this evolution.

Logistics is essential for a company to be in a position to meet these demands and to adapt to the latest progress, and could be defined as the necessary activity to administer correctly, in time, quantity, conditions and method, the movement of produce or goods, throughout a complete economic period.

This cycle includes everything from the supply of raw material and its transport to diverse production or assembly plants, to the transport of the completed product, its distribution and final delivery at any destination.

We know our business

At Ruiz y Valero, we are highly aware of these two concepts and the importance they have for the company. We have become specialists in a specific part of the logistics process: in the collection, transport and delivery of the product in the market.

Using these two perfectly defined principles as a basis, Ruiz & Valero we also make available to our clients all the best and most up-to-date media, and the most valued element of the company; our team of staff.

Our team is a group of extremely experienced professionals, highly qualified and totally committed to the responsibility of meeting the demands, objectives and interests of each individual client. We can guarantee a personalised and friendly approach to the logistical, efficient and reliable management of all our clients’ needs.



Ruiz y Valero
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